Approach Shoes: 5 Fast Facts

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Fact #1. There’s a good chance that if outdoor adventure is your thing, you already know what approach shoes are all about. For the uninitiated, they’re basically footwear that combine the best features of sneakers and boots. They’re a smart solution for those times when casual shoes and specialized boots don’t quite fit the bill. Climbers should rejoice, too, as varieties exist that incorporate some of the characteristics of climbing shoes.

Fact #2. Boots are advantageous in rough terrain, but they can be cumbersome and difficult to manuever. They can also get pretty stuffy when it’s hot out. Trainers, on the other hand, are perfect for walking on level ground. However, they can wear out quickly when conditions are rough. This conundrum is what precipitated the invention of the approach shoe, an option with the durability of a boot, but the comfort of a sneaker.

Fact #3. Anyone planning on trekking across uneven terrain should familiarize themselves with these shoes. If the areas you like to explore are somewhat rugged or rainy, you could definitely benefit from packing a pair of these hybrid kicks. When the weather gets wet, they won’t become soggy and heavy. Any lover of the outdoors will tell you that there are few activities as unpleasant as trudging around in a set of water-logged hiking boots.

Fact #4. If you intend on wearing the shoes primarily on level ground, you’ll find a modest amount of cushioning to be sufficient. Those who gravitate towards more intimidating landscapes know how critical well-cushioned shoes are for shock absorption. In rockier areas, it’s important to be able to move freely and be protected.

Fact #5. These shoes come in so many distinct styles, you’re bound to find one that suits your fashion taste. Some models boast a rugged appearance, while others have a more feminine look. Beyond shape and design, approach shoes can be found in array of colors, too.


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