Are These Faux Pedicure Pantyhose Genius or a Disaster?

Stockings and sandals? (Photo: Instagram)

Don’t worry if your toes are unpolished because pedicure stockings are here to save the day. The Japanese fashion company, Belle Maison, has found a solution: toe sock-like pantyhose that are printed to appear painted.

For those who can’t bear to leave the house with bare or poorly painted toenails, the salon can be skipped by just slipping feet into sheer stockings. During winter, these seem to be a genius solution, since tights are only out of close-toed shoes for short amounts of time. In summer however, not only do these mean missing out on the feeling of the wind breezing past your legs, it also looks a little weird.

There are knee length and full-waist version available for around $15, as well as multiple toenail colors and patterns to choose from.

While it is cheaper and more convenient than getting a professional or DIY pedicure, let’s be honest, you won’t be fooling anyone with these faux pedicure pantyhose.

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