Ariel Winter’s Mother Criticizes Her Estranged Daughter’s Breast Reduction Surgery

Ariel Winter's Mother Criticizes Her Estranged Daughter's Breast Reduction Surgery

Marie-Claire Dorking

Yahoo Style Staff
April 28, 2016


As she posed on the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Ariel Winter didn’t care that scars from her recent breast reduction were on display. She wasn’t ashamed of showing off an important part of her body journey. In fact, she was proud to do so. But not everyone agreed with the young actress’s decision and she was criticized and body shamed. Though she hit back at the time, the 18-year-old is now being slammed once again — this time by her estranged mother.

Crystal Workman hasn’t spoken to her daughter in more than three years, but in an interview with Inside Editionshe’s publicly reprimanding her daughter’s decision to undergo surgery at just 18 and then to “flaunt her scars” months later.

“I don’t think anyone at that age should be cutting into their breasts,” Workman said. “I am surprised she did it so young and that the doctor did it for her so young.” She added, “I’m sorry, I just think this is inappropriate. She should never be embarrassed of her scars but she shouldn’t be flaunting them.”

Last June, Winter had her breasts reduced from a size 32F to a 34D, in a decision she says has changed her life for the better after suffering years of back pain. She’s spoken out about her decision multiple times, penning personal essays, giving exclusive interviews, and even on social media. “People may find it hard to believe, but when I got my breast-reduction surgery last year, it wasn’t because of the mean comments online,” she wrote in a piece for Time. “It wasn’t because I didn’t like how I looked. Having so much weight on my frame was affecting me psychologically. I was uncomfortable and unhappy. I chose surgery because of how I felt, not because of what anyone else thought.” The surgery came just a month after Winter was emancipated from her mother and the pair have had no contact since.

In response to Workman, Winter’s spokesperson said, “As we’ve stated previously, Ariel is happy and in a great place. We will not comment any further.”

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