Asia’s ‘Sexiest’ DJ Is Struggling in Prison Without Nail Polish, Mirror, and Louboutins

Photo: Angie Vu/Facebook

Angie Vu has spent the past six months at Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, on parental kidnapping charges after she tried to take her daughter to China without her ex-partner’s knowledge.

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Vu described some of her toughest battles in jail to date. “This place is so horrible, there’s no sunlight ever,” she said. “I have been under the harsh light 24/7 and turned pale. I need a good supply of Guerlain’s moisturizer in here.” Vu also admitted that she’s struggling without her designer clothes and make up. “I miss my Versace dresses and Louboutin heels. My nails are nicely trimmed but I’m dying to have some colors on them. The torture is real.”

Interestingly, she misses her reflection more than her child. “There’s no real mirror in prison,” she said. “We all buy this tiny piece of plastic… but the images are distorted. I wish there should be at least one full-length mirror in here. I haven’t looked at myself for months. It’s cruel.”

But it’s not all bad for Vu. She’s turned away sexual attention from other inmates, which is flattering, and has had to give up “all other fabulous hungry men and all the young sexy model boys that were chasing me.” Now, she’s made room in her heart for one special man — Jesus. “A lot of lesbians around here and a few blondies are hitting on me. But I prefer to read my Bible for now.

The 28-year-old’s been modeling for nearly 10 years and was ranked as one of Asia’s “sexiest supermodel DJs” in 2012 by a clubbing website. She said she is trying to make friends in prison to avoid getting in any fights because she made a vow to “protect her face at all costs.”

Vu, who is facing extradition for parental abduction charges in France and up to three years behind bars, said she it trying to stay positive about the situation. “I’m not supposed to be worried about anything. It gives me wrinkles. … Do I feel ashamed for being here? The answer is no. I’m here for a great cause, for protecting my child. This injustice won’t crash my spirit. I’m still rocking and rolling.” Vu’s ex-partner Richard Froger lives in France and had agreed for their nine-year-old daughter Isabella to travel to America to stay with Vu for the summer holidays. When Vu broke the agreement by declining to send her daughter back to France, Froger took legal action. Vu was arrested in dramatic style at an airport, about to board a flight with Isabella to China. The child has since been returned to France and is in her father’s care.


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