Ask The Nuwaupians: Did You Know Malachi York Tested Positive For HERPES SIMPLEX 2?

Facts: Malachi York tested positive for Herpes-II on August 15th 2002 by Stanford Medical Center after a court order was issued giving the Government permission to have his blood tested. The results were given to Dr. York through his attorneys, The Garland Law Firm shortly afterwards. This event was the start of the problems between York, The Nuwaupian administration, and the Garland Lawyers.

The Garland attorneys saw slim chances of defending his innocents with the positive test results of Herpes Simplex-II, test results that were identical to some of the sexually molested child victims of York.

They suggested a plea of GUILTY to lesser time and so forth. This led up to the infamous January 2003 State and Federal guilty pleas by York. The guilty plea was rejected by a Federal judge, which set in motion the January 2004 York trial.

York and the Nuwaupians blamed this guilty plea on several bogus scenarios, from York being “tortured” and/or under “duress”, but after investigating and knowing the facts of all the circumstances surrounding what led up to his guilty plea, including his medical records, you’ll see torture and duress was being used as a deflection, as well as a flyer released claiming York never had an STD.

This video will show with you the facts, that’s if you can handle the truth….


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  1. Markus Bryant-El August 12, 2018 at 2:58 pm

    Chuck your questions need to be in a hard back book. To preserve it for the next 100 years. I don't understand why they still in it. You have provided facts and documents over and over threw out the years. Folks still wear those costumes marches in parades lie on social media. Nuwaupians the JIG is up. Another great video

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