Bacon-Fried Oreos Will Either Be Your Greatest Dream Or Your Worst Nightmare

Here's the vast array of things you'll need:

Oreos, thin-sliced bacon (and no, not turkey bacon), Canola oil, and toothpicks.

Then, wrap a strip of bacon around each Oreo, securing it with a toothpick.

Be sure to stick the toothpick horizontally through the frosting, rather than vetically through the cookie.

Then, simply fry them for a few minutes in Canola oil, until they're evenly, and blissfully, golden on each side.

And there you have it: deep-fried, bacon-raveled, chocolatey sin.

Could that be any easier to make??

Now, repeat this dozens of times over and share with no one.

You don’t want to make your friends unhealthy, do you?? That would be inconsiderate!

Because this is your burden to bear, and you must bear it on your own.

Now go, my fellow saturated-fat-addicts…go and eat ’til your hearts (and arteries) are full.