Bath & Body Works Is Bringing Back These ’90s Scents — & We Are Freaking Out

Photographs by Andrew Kennelly.

Forget chokers. The peak of ‘90s nostalgia was last summer’s revival of Bath & Body Works’ original scents. The #FlashbackFragrance campaign brought back six of its heritage fragrances for one month only. And man, did we rejoice. Fans stocked up on bottles of Cucumber Melon, White Tea & Ginger, and Juniper Breeze like it was 1997 (and posted about it like it was 2015).

Well, the company is making it rain again, hitting us with another round of #FlashbackFragrance starting May 27. This time around, it’s mercifully giving us more choices with eight scent collections from back in the day. Will this batch of OG scents include our faves? Will it include yours? Read on to find out which scents will be reissued and get ready for another way to wear ‘90s love on your sleeve (or everywhere).

Editors’ note: A previous version of this article listed seven scents. There are eight. We have updated the post to reflect the eighth (can’t be missed!) scent.

If this lotion doesn’t instantly transport you to your middle school gym locker room (where we inexplicably smeared on copious amounts of it after mile-long runs), we don’t know what will.

Cucumber Melon Ultra Shea Body Cream, $13, available at Bath & Body Works June 6.

Forget pumpkin spice. Come this fall, we’re combatting our annual latte/hair color/Cheerios takeover with this crisp autumn scent.

Country Apple Body Lotion, $12.50, available at Bath & Body Works June 6.

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By: Erika Stalder

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