Becky G on Her Makeup Routine: ‘I’m a Nude Girl’

Becky G on Her Makeup Routine: ‘I’m a Nude Girl’

Molly Shea

Beauty and Health Editor
May 4, 2016

Becky G is one busy pop star. On the day I met with her, she had enough interviews and engagements lined up to exhaust even the spryest celeb — plus a televised, dance-heavy concert that night, done with a gauge attached to her wrist to show the audience how much she was moving (spoiler: a LOT). If she were anyone else, she’d probably be lying in a pool of sweat and tears by the end of the night. But Becky, for the record, skipped off the stage to go help her brother celebrate the last few hours of his birthday.

The 19-year-old got her start at 15 making YouTube covers in the hopes of supporting her family, and she isn’t afraid to put in work. That’s the thesis of her latest hit song, “Break a Sweat” (the lyrics read like a motivational Instagram post). And it’s part of the reason why she teamed up with Degree deodorant for a Move With the Music concert, and to spread the word about its new motion-activated deodorant — which uses MotionSense technology to kick in when you need it most. Like, for example, when you’re performing in front of hordes of screaming fans. 

According to Becky, it’s kismet. “I have a song called ‘Break a Sweat,’ a song called ‘Shower,’ and now I’m partnered with Degree deodorant. It only made sense!” she told me. “I mean, I’m constantly on the go, and [the deodorant] is activated by movement.”

And it’s not just her seriously cardio-heavy dance moves that could leave Becky sweating — she’s faced criticism over the gap in her teeth (more on how she handled it like a boss in the video above), dating drama, and the crazy-intense social media fandom that can only befall a YouTuber-turned-mainstream-celeb. Check out how she keeps her cool, approaches beauty, and stays in top form  in this exclusive video.

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