Bomb Bobs at the Met Gala: Which ‘Do Is Best for You?

Kylie Jenner rocking her bob at the celebrity-studded Met Gala. (Photo: REX)

Yesterday’s 2016 Met Gala, a hotly anticipated annual fashion event hosted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute, drew A-list celebrities in droves.

This year’s theme was an homage to the Institute’s new Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology exhibit. And while most stars donned fabulously futuristic garb, there were also some seriously inspiring hair transformations.

We zeroed in on the beautiful bobs rocked by five fierce celebs.

The glorious, diverse bobs made us want to head straight to the salon for an epic chop — but we know better! Though bobs can be boss, it’s important to find the right short cut for your hair texture and face shape.

Hairstylist and educator Mischa G. of Bumble and Bumble worked the Met Gala — alongside the company’s lead artist Jimmy Paul — to pull off a surprise cyborg model installation. So, who better to consult for a breakdown of the night’s most scene-stealing ‘dos and the best ways to pull them off?

Kylie Jenner’s blunt bob has a secret. (Photo: Getty Images)

Spoiler alert: Kylie Jenner’s coif was a wig handcrafted by the brilliant Tokyo Stylez. His wigs are incredible,” says Mischa. “All 100 percent lace. All hand-tied.” Can’t afford that kind of decadence? Then go ahead and commit to this blunt, shoulder-dusting ‘do with an off-center part — but make sure you have the right face shape for it. “The look is best for round or oval faces,” says Mischa. “It’s quite blunt and strong. Since Kylie’s face is rounder and her features are close together, she can pull off this look with no layers. The cut hits just below the chin, elongating her round face a bit and even strengthening her features.”

Zendaya is owning her fabulously retro bob. (Photo: Getty Images) 

Yep, this one is a wig too, but it’s one of Mischa’s favorites. She calls it “in between a pageboy and a bowl cut.” The cut softens angular features, but if your face is round, you may want to avoid the style, which can make you look too cutesy and childlike. “This cut is such a strong statement — it’s about personality and attitude,” says Mischa, who says this high-maintenance look will require touchups about every four weeks. She also only recommends this cut to people with straight, smoothly textured hair or tresses that have been chemically straightened. “Nothing too wavy, curly, or puffy,” she notes. The grow-out phase can be awkward, so Mischa suggests either cutting the back and rocking a micro bob or a pixie, or growing it out into a shag “if you have the time to keep up with it.” 

Michelle Williams easily pulls off these wispy bangs. (Photo: Getty Images)

Mischa calls Michelle Williams’s look “a blunt, choppy bob — super-soft with wispy bangs.” She says it works on Williams because of her heart-shaped face and high, wider forehead. “The choppy bangs soften a high forehead,” she points out. “Someone like Kylie Jenner, who has a shorter forehead, couldn’t pull of this look.” She notes that the style also looks great on oval faces — the universal face shape that takes to almost any type of cut.

Amber Valletta sported a sleek, futuristic bob. (Photo: Getty Images)

Amber Valletta’s bob is a blunt cut with loose layers that hits below the chin and slightly above the shoulders. “This look works well for square face shapes, as it softens the jawline by hitting below the chin,” says Mischa. “Adding height at the top evens out the proportions and adds a little more on top to balance out the squareness.” Mischa would not have necessarily picked this look for Valletta, who has a high forehead. “She looks good, but because of her forehead, she could’ve used a soft bit [of hair] swiped across the front instead of slicking it all the way back. Someone like Demi Lovato, who has a smaller forehead, could really pull off this look.”

Taylor Swift’s textured bob and hair color complement each other. (Photo: Getty Images)

The secret to this bob’s success? Taylor Swift’s bleach-blond hue. “It brings out the rockier texture and the pieceiness of the cut,” says Mischa. “This cut definitely complements color-treated or bleached hair. The side-swept bangs and the length — at base of chin — are best for oval or heart-shaped faces. It’s wider at the top, so it adds softness to the face. Heart-shaped faces have pointier chins, so this cut adds more strength to the chin.” Leave it to Swift to nail it every time.

Amber Heard’s Windblown Waves at the 2016 Met Gala

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