Bourbon Stout Milkshakes to Win Over Your Love

Elizabeth Stark is the blogger behind Brooklyn Supper and a former Yahoo Food Blogger of the Week. Below, she combines beer and ice cream to decadent effect.

Like love itself, there’s no one right way to do a Valentine’s Day menu. Couples may feel pressured to make fancy dinners and even fancier desserts, but a laid back Valentine’s menu can be pretty sweet, too.

If casual — or just plain delicious — is your thing, these bourbon stout milkshakes will definitely hit the spot. A beer milkshake might be a little rich for everyday drinking, but it’s perfect for special occasions. The contrast between bitter stout and sweet vanilla ice cream creates a surprising complexity, while a shot of bourbon, with hints of caramel and smoke, bridges the flavors of the stout and vanilla beautifully.

I used classic Guinness Extra Stout here, though any favorite stout will do. Even paired with ice cream, the flavor of the stout is pronounced in this drink. (For a less assertive stout flavor, use half stout and half milk.) Note that some ice cream “pints” now only have 14-ounces of ice cream. For this recipe, make sure you have a full 16-ounce pint.

Serves 2

1 pint (16-ounces) vanilla ice cream
1 11.2-ounce bottled stout beer (approximately 1 1/3 cups)
2 ounces bourbon

Cut cold ice cream out of paper container and place in blender. Add stout and bourbon, and blend 30 seconds or just until mixture is smooth and frothy. Divide shake between two large cups, and serve immediately with a long spoon and a straw. 

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