Boy Dies After Armed Cousin Falls Off Hoverboard, Fires

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A 13-year-old boy was accidentally shot in the back of the head while playing Xbox at his relative’s home in central Florida on Monday night when his 18-year-old cousin, who’d found a gun, fell off a hoverboard and fired. 

Lavardo Fisher’s 18-year-old cousin found the gun under the bed of an older brother, Walter Morame, who claims it isn’t his but was arrested the day before on charges of possession of a weapon by a felon. (Morame was convicted of battery of a law enforcement officer in 2006). His was the eighth gunshot death in less than a week in central Florida, notes the Orlando Sentinel, after a mass shooting at a night club, a double homicide in a mall parking lot, and two separate shootings in apartment buildings.

Lavardo, an Ocoee Middle School eighth-grader, was the stepson of an Orange County sheriff’s deputy, reports, as well as a Pop Warner All-American Scholar. 

“When you think of Lavardo, you think, ‘This is the kid I want my daughter to marry, this is the kid I want my daughter to go to prom with,’” Lo Wood, Lavardo’s coach, tells the Sentinel. “He was humble." 

The cousin on the hoverboard says when he lost his balance the gun "went off,” and Lavardo wasn’t breathing by the time paramedics arrived. “You think guns and you think negative—but that’s not Lavardo,” Wood says. “A lot of stuff starts at home and he had a great home and family. I can’t even fathom … it’s just crazy in this society.” (The gun deaths in Chicago just a month into 2016 have already surpassed 100.)

By Elizabeth Armstrong Moore

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