#BraidGoals: Christina Aguilera’s Pierced Purple Plait

Christina Aguilera has had some pretty wild looks in the past, but her latest “pierced” braid, which she debuted on the hit show The Voice, is an on-trend Pinterest look that totally makes us feel the #braidgoals hashtag.

First, the queen of glam completely swapped out her bleached-blond strands for a silver-tinted shade of lavender (could it be a wig?). Then celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton braided a thin piece of hair along the front of her face, which may seem like your typical hairstyle, but with the addition of a few extra accessories, it became anything but normal.

A look at Aguilera’s cool-girl braid. (Image courtesy of Instagram/Chris Appleton)

Aguilera’s braid was embellished with multiple silver ringlets that seem to pierce through the braid, with each one looking like a little hoop earring. The miniature rings are very reminiscent of the ’90s, including the nose ring Christina rocked back in the day. It evokes a modernized version of the star’s popular “Dirrty” music video look that she so effortlessly pulled off in the past:

Image courtesy of Instagram/Chris Appleton

Considering how often Christina switches up her style, don’t count on her lavender braided look to last much longer. Of course, we can’t wait to see what the chameleon has in store for us next!

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