British Runner Establishes New 12-Hour Treadmill Record

(Photo by Shaun Marsden)

On Saturday, January 30, ultrarunner Susie Chan, 40, of England established a new 12-hour treadmill record for women by running 68.54 miles. The two-time Marathon des Sables finisher, who has also completed a 100-mile race, later wrote on her blog that the run was the hardest thing she has ever done.

Chan’s performance surpassed the official Guinness World Record of 60.26 miles, run by Dee Boland in October of 2015, as well as Kristina Palten’s unofficial record of 66.79 miles, set in February of 2013.

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Chan averaged about 10:30 per mile over the 12 hours, but that included about 11 minutes worth of bathroom stops. Chan wrote that because the nearest bathroom was several minutes away, she used a bucket in a closet instead.

Chan’s run was webcast live from the lab at Kingston University and she was able to see messages of support from followers who used the hashtag #susieWRrun. Paula Radcliffe was among those who sent messages of support.

By Alison Wade

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