Cake of the Day: Spelt Plum Cake With Crumble

“I want to make soup and bake cakes, read a book under the blanket with a cup of tea on my side and the smile doesn’t go out of my face,” writes Pagaimo as she introduces this plum cake recipe to readers.

Pagaimo grew up in Banjaluka, in former Yugoslavia, where she became grounded in food because of big family gatherings centered around cooking and eating.  As a self-described “math nerd,” she chose to pursue a career in telecommunications, but after 17 years, she left her job to focus on her true passions: cultivating and photographing organic food.

Pagaimo tells readers to think about the availability of local fresh produce, and substitute any fruit for plums. Making the crumble feels almost therapeutic with this hands-on recipe. With only a small amount of preparation, you’re almost ready to reap the rewards of your handiwork.  Put it in to bake, but keep a watchful eye on the on the top of the crumble so it doesn’t burn.

We couldn’t think of a better way to spend a cold winter day than waiting for this Spelt Plum Cake to come out of the oven.

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