Cake of the Day: Ultimate Chocolate and Nutella Cake

They taste good, they look good, and they’re made by good people — talented bakers from around the world. Today, we’ve found the ultimate chocolate and Nutella cake to show some love for World Nutella Day from the blog

Lucy Parissi started Supergolden Bakes in 2012 and there is nothing she loves more than making a mess in her tiny kitchen in southeast London. The food blog gives her an outlet to express her inner photographer and stylist through sharing a variety of recipes and an occasional cocktail or two. You can see her recent work through a selection of recent cookbooks she designed. 

Lucy’s recipe for this Nutella cake wasn’t always the “ultimate.” She made the cake five times over the course of a few months to tweak and change elements so it’d be what she calls, “one of the most amazing chocolate cakes out there.” One of Lucy’s readers commented that just the sight of the cake nearly had her in tears, which Lucy quickly responded with, “It tastes as good as it looks. Better, actually,” she added at the end with a smile. 

The Nutella filling is simple in technique and can be made without a stand mixer. It only requires three ingredients: hazelnut spread, double cream and vanilla extract to pipe over the cake layers. If you’re new to layering, Lucy posted an instructional video of her completing the cake for anyone struggling with the concept. Golden syrup or honey helps the whole cake come together in the glaze she pours over until it drips down the sides. It’s ready to serve with a final piping of Nutella cream on top of the cake. 

Head over to her blog for National Nutella Day.  

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