ATTENTION ALL CELEBRITY TEA/GOSSIP/DRAMA BLOGS AND CHANNELS!!! As well as everyone else…please take a look at yourself and your brand and ask yourself what you stand for. If you want to be a reputable brand, act accordingly. Content viewers, please don’t herald these gossip blog sites and drama youtubers as “journalists” because they serve you with a daily cup of Chamomile tea…that isn’t journalism. RULE # 1 OF JOURNALISM: ALWAYS FACT CHECK YOUR SOURCES! MULTIPLE TIMES IF NEED BE…

Content creators, please take pride in your work. If you are going to report on celebrity business and trending topics, that’s cool, but please make sure that you have all of the facts FIRST, before presenting them to the world. Don’t just talk about a topic because it’s hot without providing actual receipts and facts. And please, for the love of all that is good and pure, come at things with an objective lens. In other words, STOP BEING BIASED… that makes you seem hella shady and trashes ALL OF YOUR CREDIBILITY! A REAL journalist follows a code of ethics and has integrity. IN👏🏾TEG👏🏾RI👏🏾TY👏🏾!!! Their credibility and word is their livelihood. And that’s real…if you are not about that…then don’t do it, PERIODT!!,

I’m tired of seeing this chicanery and other people are tired of this nonsense, too. This doesn’t JUST have to do with Tasha K, as other celebrity gossip and tea blogs are guilty of this, tbh…Stop leading these people astray…if these are really your people, you’d do right by them…so do right. DO BETTER!

What I do is I see through the B.S. and tell the truth from the way I see it. It’s a hard pill, but it needs to be taken.

Thanks for watching.


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