Candace Cameron Bure Wants You to Recycle Your Beauty Products

Don’t just throw away your used products! (Photo: Getty Images)

Candace Cameron Bure is best known for playing D.J. Tanner on the beloved sitcom Full House, which aired from 1987 to 1995. But the actress and mom of three has a new role — and it’s not just reprising D.J. for Netflix’s new series Fuller House, with longtime co-stars Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber.

Bure, 40, has partnered with Unilever to raise awareness and ask people to recycle their beauty products — something most of us don’t do. And can you really say no to D.J. Tanner? We think not.

According to Unilever, more than half of Americans recycle their kitchen items, but only 14 percent do the same for their bathroom products. Up until recently, Bure wasn’t one of them. “I recycle most of my kitchen products and all kinds of paper goods, but I actually didn’t even realize you could recycle beauty products,” Bure told Yahoo Beauty. “I was so used to washing out everything [before recycling] that I didn’t think you could do it. But you don’t have to wash out bathroom products.”

Bure admits that between her and her daughter, Natasha — who has her own YouTube channel with more than 45,000 followers and which is dedicated to her love of makeup — there isn’t a short supply of beauty products in their household. By recycling makeup, shampoo bottles, and skincare products, she says she’s doing her small part to help take care of the planet. “Over time, little steps create big change,” she says. The campaign has its own hashtag, #RethinkRecycling, so people can share their support on social media.

Bure (far right) with Fuller House co-stars Andrea Barber and Jodie Sweetin. (Photo: Netflix)

Along with recycling, the actress is also dedicated to keeping her skin healthy. “I have to invest in my skin because it’s my job,” she says. Along with drinking a lot of water and visiting her dermatologist for regular skin checks, Bure wears sunscreen every day. “I don’t skimp on it,” she says. “With my fair skin, I’m very prone to sun spots, so when I’m at the beach, I’m also protecting my skin with my hat.”

The one piece of makeup that she won’t leave the house without? Mascara. “If I were on Survivor, I wouldn’t live without mascara because it opens up my eyes,” she says. “But my secret product, which is not-so-secret, is Vaseline. I use it for my lips all the time or to take off waterproof mascara. It also protects cuts and scrapes. It’s like the Windex of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”

To stay healthy, Bure works out five days per week and has posted several Instagram photos and videos of her sweat sessions with celebrity trainer Kira Stokes. “Fitness is a huge part of my life,” says Bure. “I’m posting more and more videos on Instagram because I have so much fun working out.”

She also makes healthy eating a priority. Bure is a big fan of protein shakes for breakfast, which is her favorite meal of the day. She likes Shakeology shakes, which are loaded with protein, fiber, and antioxidants, and will toss in a half banana or some fruit. “When I’m working — right now I’m in Vancouver doing a movie — a shake is an easy way to make sure I get the proper nutrients and good stuff in my system,” she says.

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