Car Owners May Be Frustrated By Winter, But It Is Incredibly Beautiful

Might want to give this one some time to thaw out before going at it with the scraper.

This would be a lot more fun to look at if the door wasn’t frozen shut.

It’s like a beautiful forest of tiny ice trees.

Now I see why people are willing to spend so much money on these.


Not only does it look great, it’s a lot cheaper than bringing your car down to the body shop.

This seriously looks like a painting.

I never thought I’d get lost in the outside of a car’s trunk.

Bubbles? What the!

Are we sure someone didn’t just forget their yoga mat on the hood of the car?

Objects may look as amazing as they appear.

That’s what you get for doing such a bad job at parking.

They’re like little ninja stars made of ice.

How gorgeous! They almost look like feathers.

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