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No, this isn’t a commercial. We just wanted to point out that your favorite celebs like Ben Affleck, Nick Jonas, Taylor Swift, and Colin Farrell love their Starbucks.

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Celebrities and caffeine are co-stars in Hollywood. And Starbucks is their stop of choice.

Whether it’s an actor, a director, or a former President of the United States, it seems they are always out to get their fix.

Hot. Cold. Grande. Venti. Trenta. Or one stacked on top of the other… we see every shape and size.

We even see Taylor Swift holding a coffee that says Bryan…

So that’s probably her top secret Starbucks code name. Or at least, it used to be.

Ben Affleck likes his coffee iced… and Hilary Duff likes her caffeine in the form of tea… and Nick Jonas likes his when making the rounds in New York City.

So next time you stop in for a tall, non-fat latte with caramel drizzle, hold the ice, extra foam, no whip, with an extra shot at 120 degrees, with 10 pumps vanilla…

Keep an eye out for your favorite star.


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Celebrities Love Their Starbucks | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV


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