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Celebs who can’t stand Jimmy Fallon

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Jimmy Fallon is probably the nicest, sweetest, and most excitable guy on TV, which means he’s probably the right person to host a variety program like The Tonight Show. It seems like every guest who comes onto The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (and before that, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) gets a huge ego boost from the former Saturday Night Live star, who tells them their movie, show, album, prepared anecdote, or cute little “Lip Sync Battle” routine is, to paraphrase, “Wow, so great, so amazing, hilarious, just the best!”

Could Fallon be disingenuous? Some of the time, he’d have to be — no human being can love everything with such unbridled enthusiasm. As such, a lot of people find Fallon’s schtick (which could all just be his TV persona) to be grating, annoying, and fake. Here are some of the famous people who have not-so-subtly made their negative feelings about Fallon crystal clear.

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