Kids are highly imaginative and free natured. These traits enable them to concoct brilliant ideas that can be turned into full force businesses. Here is a list of 10 such kids who are still in school but are acclaimed CEOs. As has been said before, age is just a number.

  1. Harli Jorden


The marble king became world’s youngest CEO at just 8yrs when he decided to start his company with the help of his family. His zeal to look for special marbles online made him manufacture what he needed. Now, his company – Land of Marbles, stocks marbles that cost up to a thousand dollars.

  1. Madison Robinson


At just 8yrs old, her idea was to make flip flops which could light up. Her dream pushed her to start her company, Fish flops with the help from her dad and investments from family and friends. She now sells to retailers that include Macys and Nordstrom. She has currently expanded to the adult market where she makes the flip flops for the Macys women wear. With a pair going for $25 and having sold over 60,000 pairs, she is definitely getting herself a fat cheque.



  1. Hart Main


He started MansCans after his parents encouraged him to make his own male scented candles. The idea came after he complained that the available varieties were too feminized. He runs the company with the help of his dad who is part CEO. He revealed the candle scents during a Mario Lopez Talk show in 2011.

He is now an industry mogul.



  1. Robert Nay


He has a mobile game app called Bubble Ball which has over 9 million downloads. He programmed the app himself although he had zero coding experience. He taught himself what he needed to know in his local library. This led him to master thousands of code he applied to create his physics puzzle game. Nay Games – his company, has released many new levels of the game.

He has made over a quarter million dollars from the game for himself.






  1. Skylar Bisel


He started the Bizzy Fizz bath accessories company which makes bubbly waves for celebrities. The idea came up during a science fair where he was intrigued by the chemical reaction of the product. From then on he has been creating bath candies. His mom signs the paperwork for the company since he is still too young.

His company offers organic bath accessories, lip balms and lotions. The Bizzy Fizz Treats retail online and other retail locations. He was invited to create bath treats for the Golden Globes swag bags.



  1. Lizzie Marie Likness- Aged 14


She started to sell homemade goodies to support her horse riding hobby at a local farmers market. This developed into a cooking website that has videos for kids on how to cook healthy food. She now hosts a cooking series called “Healthy Cooking with Chef Lizzie”.

She became American Heart Association spokesperson. She has also worked with NFL First Down for fitness program that encourages children to be fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.




  1. Amaya Selmon & Jaden Wheeler


The siblings – brother and sister – are the youngest to own a food truck in the state of Memphis. They started a sno cones business through rounding up their friends. The stood at popular neighborhoods holding signs to encourage customers to come to their small business. Their mom helped them upgrade the truck into food truck safety standards so as to get licensed.

The Kool Kidz Sno Kones truck is regularly stationed in parks or at private events. It serves an array of fast food snacks plus over twenty sno cone flavors to choose from.


  1. Moziah Bridges


Being among the best-dressed boys around with sartorial flair, he was finding a hard time getting a trendy bow tie to match his stylish outfits. So with the help of his grandmother, he learned to sow. He then started selling his stylish bow ties on Etsy then in Southeastern states boutiques near his home. He has been able to make over $ 30,000 and has been featured on Forbes, GQ, Vogue, Esquire and the O magazine.

He has summer camp program that helps fund kids scholarships to camps that offer educational as well as recreational activities.

  1. Remington Anne Smith


She started her CEO career at just nine years. Seeing the issue of obesity in her fellow kids she pioneered a cookery show known as “Cook Time with Remmi” which focuses on healthy but simple meals. The show is local but discussions to take it national are on the table. The show attracted a spin off “The Culinary Kid!”

She is currently the Saxeno’s Youth Ambassador Of Health & Wellness for North America. There is a cookbook by the names of “Global Cooking for Kids” which is authored.


1.Caine Monroy



The middle school teenager inaugurated a cardboard business. This came as a result of a video of him on YouTube going viral. In the video, he was selling one and two dollar tickets to his video arcade. This, in turn, helped him raise money for his scholarship fund through donations to up to 239,000 dollars. The family and the creator of the video decided to start The Goldhirsh Foundation, which funded the Imagination Foundation to encourage entrepreneurship and creativity among the youth.

He has given talks for TEDx, Google and even the USC Marshall School of business. His next venture he says will be a bike shop.

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