Check Out What 500 Years of Progress in the City of New York Looks Like in Under a Minute

Here's the video, which starts in 1500 and goes until 2015.

In less than a minute, watch 515 years of history unfold at the tip of Manhattan Island. The seemingly three-dimensional time-lapse panorama will appear on three walls of special elevator cabs servicing the observatory at 1 World Trade Center. (Video: Reuben Hernandez)Read more:

Posted by New York Today on Monday, April 20, 2015

The video shows you what New York looked like during the Revolutionary War

Or at the dawn of the 20th century

You can see what the city looked like when the Twin Towers were first built

And what the skyline has looked like in recent years

You can check out the story at The New York Times for more information about the video, and the idea behind it.