Chrissy Teigen Shares Her Post-Pregnancy Skin Woes

There are many reasons to love Chrissy Teigen, and her honesty and transparency on social media probably tops the list. In true Chrissy Teigen form, she shared a makeup free selfie this past Wednesday via Snapchat, showing red blotches on her usually clear face.

The new mom, who only gave birth to her first child two weeks ago, captioned the candid photo, “Goodbye pregnancy glow. Hi itchy red spots.” The image was much different than Chrissy’s previous post-pregnancy, makeup-free selfie in which she first debuted her daughter Luna, where her skin was luminous and blemish-free. See the image for yourself below:

(Image courtesy of Snapchat/Chrissy Teigen)

Considering hormones go all out of whack during pregnancy, we can only assume that these hormones are still trying to right themselves post-pregnancy, causing the red blotches and breakouts (among other side effects!). We spoke with Marnie B. Nussbaum, M.D. F.A.A.D Board Certified Dermatologist and Chief Medical Spokesperson for Sebamed regarding the effect pregnancy has on the skin and the best ways to treat these issues. "Many women suffer from blemishes during pregnancy due to hormonal changes,“ Dr. Nussbaum explains. "Be sure to cleanse your skin gently twice a day to help prevent blemishes. A great over the counter regimen to treat acne is Sebamed’s Clear Face Cleansing Foam ($20) as the mild wash cleanses pores while naturally conditioning stressed skin and regenerating the skin’s natural protective barrier.”

Dr. Nussbaum also confirms that skin discoloration is common, and mostly unavoidable, after pregnancy due to hormones. Blotchiness and hypersensitivity are especially frequent, so if you’re suffering from skin issues that are more like red splotches (similar to Chrissy’s), opt for calming skincare products rather than ones for blemish control. A few of our favorites are Paula’s Choice Calm Redness Relief Cleanser ($17) and Avene Antirougeurs Day Redness Relief Soothing Cream SPF 25 ($36) to reduce redness and soothe sensitive skin.

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