Creepy Christmas, Day 21: Ukrainians Decorate Their Christmas Trees With Spider Webs

There once was a poor widow who lived in a small house with her sons.

One day a pine cone fell in the yard and a tree began to take root. The children were excited to have a tree for Christmas, but were saddened when they realized they could not afford to decorate it.

As the family slept, a group of spiders, hearing about their plight, decided to decorate the tree themselves. They spun their silk webs and made the tree beautiful.

When the children woke up, they spotted the tree covered in beautiful webs. As the sun rose, the silk magically turned into gold. The family then became very rich and never worried about decorating their tree ever again.

As a tribute to this legend, Christmas trees in Ukraine are rapped in spider silk with glittering gold lights.

Spiders are of course always welcome on the tree.


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