Dakota Johnson’s Green, Glittery Eyes at the 2016 Met Gala

Dakota Johnson went all out with pops of color. (Photo: Getty Images.)

In a crowd full of a shining celebrities, Dakota Johnson, who’s normally seen with much less drastic makeup, turned heads at Monday’s Met Gala with a powerful style. The look, which was created by Pati Durboff for Laura Mercier, showed off an ’80s-inspired look with a pop of green color and glitter on her eyelids to really stand out in the evening. According to Dubroff, this romantic look is not a very hard one to recreate at home. Below are her exact steps for piecing together Johnson’s lively makeup application:

  • After creating a flawless complexion using both foundation and concealer on Dakota, Dubroff lined her upper lash line and lower corner with ($25)
  • Dubroff then applied($29) on the inner rim and slightly over the black liner to give Dakota’s eyes a pop of bold green color. 
  • To further intensify Dakota’s stunning green look, Dubroff added a touch of ($17) to the inner rim.

  • To make the eyes sparkle, Dubroff applied ($25)on Dakota’s inner corner and lid, adding a dash of green glitter to the lid.
  • To finish Dakota’s eyes, Dubroff applied a pair of ($5) and a coat of black mascara.
  • Finally, Dubroff topped off the look with a “sweet pink lip” that accentuated her pop of green using the ($28).

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