The list includes soldiers from the past and currently who have proven to be the deadliest and most effective human weapons in war.


  1. Dipprasad Pun


The Gurkha soldier killed more than 30 soldiers single-handedly. He was fighting the Taliban at the Babaji checkpoint, he was trying to prevent a takeover by the enemy.

He fired four hundred shots of ammunition and launched 17 grenades while also detonated a mine to stop the attack by the Taliban. The Queen of England gave him a medal of honor for his bravery.

  1. Miyamoto Musashi


The Japanese Samurai won over sixty life or death duels , the duels were always against high skilled warriors and only one man could be left standing (alive). He won his first duel at just 12 years. He went on to fight in 6 wars always leading the battle.

  1. Carlos Norman Hathcock II “White Feather”


Sergeant Carlos “Gunny” had over 93 confirmed kills during the Vietnam War. He was a sniper who was very skilled in the anticipation of enemy advances and movements. He had a huge bounty on his head by the enemy troops. However, during his hunt, he shot everyone who tried to collect it first before he even saw the person. When he saw movement he shot assuming it was an enemy soldier.

  1. Klauia Kalugina


The Soviet Union during World War II was looking for females to be snipers this was because women were believed to be better snipers.

Kalugina volunteered to fight for Russia against the Axis forces at 17 years. Just after joining a German sniper killed her best friend making her go on a killing frenzy.  She reportedly killed 257 Axis solders.

  1. Simo Hayha


Simo Hayha was a soldier from Finland during the second world war. He possessed excellent snipping qualities. During the Battle of Kollaa, he fought against the Russian red army. According to his kill count, he is believed to be the best sniper that ever lived.

He had tactics that enable him to kill his enemies; he would dress in all white so as to blend with the snow he would also put snow in his mouth to ensure his breath wouldn’t show. He was nicknamed “White Death” by enemy soldiers.

He killed way over 700 enemy soldiers. IN snipping, no one has been able to surpass him as a sniper.

  1. Sergeant Dillard Johnson


He is believed to have killed 2,746 soldiers of the enemy side in his mission in the Middle East. One hundred and twenty one of this he killed through sniping. If the numbers are true then he is definitely the deadliest soldier in US combat history.


  1. Sergeant Fyodor Okhlopkov of The Soviet Red Army


He is claimed to have killed 429 enemy soldier. He earned The Hero of the Soviet Union around 1965 plus an Order of Lenin for his service. However, due to his ethnicity he was passed up for these awards.

  1. Major Lyudmila Pavlichenko


She is considered the most successful woman sniper in history with three hundred and nine confirmed kills. She joined the Soviet Red army at 24 years old  after her brother was killed when Germany invaded Russia during World War II. She was one of the few to have survived the war.

  1. Staff Sgt Adelbert Waldron US Army


He served during the Vietnam War racking up to 109 kills that are confirmed, this is the most of a marksman during that war. He was considered to have amazing timing and skill.

1.Chris Kyle



He was an American sniper who was nicknamed the Legend. Being an American Navy Seal, he was regarded as the most deadly and notorious sniper in American Military history. Kyle fought in Iraq over 4 tours . He won several awards in his career which include 2 Silver Star Medals plus 5 Bronze Star Medals.

In 2013 he got shot dead by a marine corps who was allegedly suffering from PSTD in 2013. His story was told through the movie – The American Sniper.


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