Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures, And These 23 Pools Are Proof

1. The one time anyone would want to sit in the trunk.

2. This pool is garbage.

3. This one looks a little fishy.

4. Hey, the water is supposed to be on the outside of the boat!

5. I think horses would love this hay pool.

6. Can this pool get any cooler?

7. Relaxing to the max.

8. It’s a lovely cookout at the pool.

9. You have to be tiny to be admitted into this pool.

10. Boat pool!

11. Did somebody say wheelbarrow pool?

12. When all else fails, just throw some plastic down in the house.

13. The “This isn’t a pool!” face.

14. An old-fashioned haystack pool.

15. I think this one takes the cake for the most creative DIY pool.

16. These dudes just wanted to cool off.

17. At least that tractor tire is getting some use now.

18. A literal “inground pool.”

19. It looks like this guy went swimming with the Ninja Turtles.

20. That’s a good use for an empty dumpster.

21. I don’t think you can get much worse than these “pools.”

22. This pool is popular!

23. Go swimming and keep your beer cold.


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