Did You Know? Easter Weekend

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About This Episode:

Welcome to this Easter edition of ‘Did You Know’ with Gondwana Collection Namibia. Easter, an annual Christian Holiday, is celebrated all around the world in many unique ways. In Namibia, we tend to celebrate with hot-cross buns, pickled fish, painting hard-boiled eggs for an Easter egg hunt or eating chocolate eggs and probably a long road trip to visit the extended family. However, if you are planning on celebrating this Easter in style, please do make sure to include Gondwana Collection Namibia’s Gondwana Card.
With the Gondwana Card we want to enable more Namibians to travel the country.
Where you ask?

Well, seeing that its Easter, why not visit the Canyon Lodge situated only 20km east of the Fish River Canyon? With a fusion of farmhouse flavour and natural splendour, Canyon Lodge is home to the Cape Hare. Think of it as our own Easter Bunny, but with its own Namibian flare. Don’t expect any sweet treats from this mammal though. They are predominately nocturnal animals and can be found from the Kunene River in the north of Namibia, running narrowly southwards along the coast and then onto the southern parts of the country.

Another Easter hare with its own Namibian flare is the Springhare. Known as Namibia’s Kangaroo, the Springhare are found on open sandy plains almost everywhere other than the Namib Desert. Their diet consists mainly of green grass in summer and short grasses in winter as well as seeds. Due to their nocturnal life these extraordinary mammals are rarely seen by tourists. But, if you do plan on trying your luck for a glimpse of the Springhare, I do suggest a night or two at the luxurious Kalahari Anib Lodge. And with a Gondwana Card, you can get up to 50 percent discount on accommodation (bed and breakfast), 25 percent discount on dinner and 25 percent discount on activities.

And that’s just the beginning.

So what are you waiting for?

Visit www.gondwana-collection.com to apply for your Gondwana Card Today.


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