Disabled Boy’s Wish Comes True When He’s Transformed Into Favorite Superhero

Nine-year-old Domenic Pace’s dream of becoming a superhero came true when the boy battling life-threatening cystic fibrosis was not only gifted a helmet-to-toe “Iron Boy” suit by the Make-A-Wish Foundation but also shuttled around on a helicopter and speedboat to perform a thrilling series of rescue missions in a day of adventure that his mother declared “just amazing.” 

“Domenic loves Iron Man and for a long time has been wishing to be a real-life Super Hero,” revealed a post on Australia’s Make-A-Wish Facebook page that shared images from the boy’s epic outing on Thursday in Sydney. Things kicked off in dramatic fashion for sure, with a police helicopter that “appeared from nowhere” as Domenic was playing in a park and whisked him and his family off to police headquarters to begin his faux crime-fighting escapade. 

Photo: Facebook/Make-A-Wish Foundation

At the police station, Domenic was hustled off to a special briefing in the operation room with Commissioner Andrew Scipione, who gave the boy a once-in-a-lifetime mission: saving Make-A-Wish’s fictional news reporter, Hope Joy, who had been “kidnapped by evil henchmen” and was trapped in a secret hideout. Domenic was given custom Iron Man-esque armor to wear to transform into Iron Boy and fight the bad guys. He even received a personal video message from Iron Man himself (shared with the boy after his mission was complete), in which the film’s star, Robert Downey Jr., appointed Domenic an honorary Avenger. 

Once he was suited up, Domenic zipped off via police speedboat to the secret location to rescue Hope Joy.

Photos: Facebook/Make-A-Wish Foundation

But as soon as he fought off her captors, Domenic received another call for help. Villain Ultron was on the loose at the Opera House, and police needed Iron Boy’s help in apprehending the evildoer. Domenic hopped into another speedboat and rushed off to battle Ultron, whom he captured and handed over to arresting officers. 

Photos: Facebook/Make-A-Wish Foundation

For his bravery, Scipione presented Domenic with an award commending the child’s courage. “Not only has Domenic battled villains and saved his city,” Scipione declared in a ceremony, “he’s stared down his illness and won the day.”

(Top photo: Facebook/Make-A-Wish Foundation)


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