Do You Want To Build A (Horrifying) Snowman? You Won’t After Seeing These Guys.

This explains why snowmen are always so lumpy.

The snow people are a very violent culture.

This little guy is cute…until you realize what he’s holding.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

I don’t know what this is supposed to be, but I’ve never felt more chilly in my entire life.

Cute kid. I just wish he didn’t have to spawn a demon in the front yard.

For some reason, snowman blood looks more gory than human blood right now.

You cold, bro?

Cool, so glad we spent all this time making an evil squirrel mutant out of snow. Can we go inside now?

Can’t wait ’til summer when this thing will be merely a spooky little puddle.

I choose to believe this creepy snowman is surgically placing the other snowman’s heart back into his body. How nice!

And so the uprising begins…

I like the idea of a snowman using a stick to stir, while also having a stick for a hand.

The scariest thing here is that guy’s facial hair.

If only he was frozen in carbonite instead of snow.

The snowmen’s last stand


I’m going to enjoy watching these things melt.


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