Duck Lanes Exist in England, And They're Exactly What They Sound Like

Duck lanes have started popping up around London, as well as Birmingham and Manchester, painted alongside waterway areas where bikers, walkers and boats frequent.

While these adorable photos make it seem like the ducks are following perfectly in line with the duck lanes as though they have a deep understanding of their purpose…they're not the ones who the lanes are directed towards.

They're designed to provide a cute, but noticeable, reminder to human travelers that they're not the only ones who use these paths to commute!

These spaces are shared by these little ducks, and we need to be mindful of them while we travel along these waterways.

The duck lanes have been started by The Canal & River Trust, and they've also been utilizing the hashtag #sharethespace .

So next time you're walking along the canal or river, just check around you to make sure you're not blocking the path of a web-footed traveler!