Elegant Doghouse Collection Will Put Your Human Home to Shame

Elegant Doghouse Collection Will Put Your Human Home to Shame

February 9, 2016

You know when your pet’s bed totally clashes with your carefully curated DWR interior? No? Well, either way, Bad Marlon, a South Korea based design company, wants your pet’s digs to vibe with your own. 

According to its website, “Bad Marlon’s goal is to create a ‘same-design-identity’ environment where pets and people exist in harmony with one another.” 

And in order to do just that, it’s released a line of five minimalist, modern dog dens with an architectural bent. 

The cost for these doghouses and dog pens ranges from $82 to $435, and each carefully crafted house is designed to be easily assembled through magnetic and interlocking mechanisms.

The collection has a little something for everyone who loves modern design. The products range from the sleek to the squishy, with the Deauville model a postmodern take on the classic pitched-roof house, and the Ravioli and Marron models sort of a grown-up version of a basement beanbag. 

For those hoping to replicate these at home, the website shows plans for the wooden models

No word yet on whether the adorable dog is included with your purchase. 

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