Emma Roberts Has the Coolest Face-Framing Braid

Braids are one of those trends that just isn’t going away any time soon, and with braid extraordinaires/experienced hairstylists available at all times to create their most inventive styles yet, celebrities are continuously giving us more braid inspiration each and every day. 

Emma Roberts pique our everlasting interest in braids last night with this Instagram snap of herself with a tiny braid. Check it out for yourself below:

(Image courtesy of Instagram/Emma Roberts)

The image shows Roberts’ red hair in loose waves with a small braid coming from the back of her head and snaking along the side of her face and behind her ear. The unique braid placement is what originally caught our eye, but it’s the way the braid is slicked so perfectly and frizz-free that ended up being the most enviable part. 

To recreate the sleekness of Emma’s braid, first apply a texturizing mousse like the to add grip so hair is easier to braid. Then, begin braiding close to the hair’s part, starting at the crown of the head and looping down behind your ear once you’ve reached the front of your face. Secure the braid, and as your final step, simply spray the end of a fine tooth comb and use it to press down on any frizzes sticking out from the braid.

Once you’re all done, your braid will be sleek and immune to any frizz-producing factors you come across. 

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