Excuse Me, You Just Interrupted Some Important Cats And Their Mysterious Agenads

1. “Oh crap, I think the warden just heard our breakout plans.”

2. “Guess we need to find a new meeting spot.”

3. “The neighbors aren’t the only ones who hate your drumming.”

4. “Are you sure no one knows we’re here?”

5. “Soon, our mega-cat formation will be complete.”

6. “Ahem, we reserved this room weeks ago. Wait your turn.”

7. “You’re lucky he’s holding me back.”

8. “Okay, now that we have all angles covered, we can begin.”

9. “Shh, act casual.”

10. “We were, uh, just doing inventory…”

11. “Welcome to your intervention.”

12. “Okay, maybe the middle of the road wasn’t the best meeting spot.”

13. “Crap! Just be very still and maybe they won’t see us!”

14. “Sorry, you can’t sit with us.”

15. “What? Us? Nope, we definitely weren’t trying to break the evil bathtub forever.”

16. “I’ll wait for you.”

17. “…I was lonely.”

18. “How did you find us??”

19. “Ever hear of knocking?”

20. “Pay close attention and maybe someday, we’ll both be king.”

21. “Fluffy is always late for these, ugh.”

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