Ezekiel Elliott’s Cropped Button Down Steals the Show at the NFL Draft

Ezekiel Elliott and his parents. Photo: Getty

Ezekiel Elliott had a great evening yesterday, after being chosen to play for the Dallas Cowboys at the NFL draft. We’re happy for him and all, but as fashion people, we were a bit more focused on his look. Underneath a smart, powder blue jacket with white lapels and piping on the pockets, Elliott rocked a blue cropped button down which put his impressive abs on display. It appears he folded the top up. He finished the look with a white bow tie, white pants and light blue loafers.

As happens when a man wears anything deviating from the norms for what men and women “should” wear, people on the internet had plenty of opinions about Elliott’s ensemble. The Shade Room posted a picture of Elliott’s look to Instagram, and the comments varied from disgust (and of course people questioning his sexuality) to delight. “What is this?? I know crop tops were popular for men in the ’90s but it’s 2016 and this is a business meeting technically…” one person wrote. “He looks crazy. It’s not that fashionable and at minimum, your stomach could be completely chiseled before you show it….and at the draft!!??!! He trippin,” another said

Some people were able to see the look for what it probably is – a young man with a promising future just having a little fun by making a fashion statement. “I don’t see anything negative about this. Great sense of humor. Young black man on his way to greatness. Congrats,” one commenter offered.

It seems though, that Elliott’s styling is very on the Elliott brand. Many commenters pointed out that he used to wear his jersey in the same manner when he was playing for Ohio State. “I don’t think he did it to be fashionable…that’s how he wore his jersey when he played,” one of many commenters pointed out. “Clearly y’all know nothing of this dude smh if y’all did you’ll know he wears his jersey this way.” A quick Google search will confirm that yes, Elliott definitely rocked the cropped jersey on the regular.

However you feel about Elliott’s look, it’s definitely a conversation starter and you can’t deny – the young man has a rockin’ bod.

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