Fact Check: If I Did It by OJ Simpson [OJ Simpson: Fact or Fiction? Episode 17]

On March 11, 2018 FOX broadcast an interview with OJ Simpson that was filmed in 2006 about the book If I Did It. However, the interview was not about the version of If I Did It that is available in bookstores now; the FOX interview was about the never published 2006 version of If I Did It.

We at https://OJSimpson.co own a copy of the never published, original edition of the book If I Did It and decided to re-read the chapter about the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

This 17th episode of “OJ Simpson: Fact or Fiction?” is a fact check of the murder chapter as documented in the the unpublished version of If I Did It.

If you want to fully understand the interview with OJ Simpson that FOX promoted as his “lost confession” be sure to watch episode 17 of OJ Simpson: Fact or Fiction?

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