[email protected] presents Culture Night 2018: Malaya Ako

Filipino Americans Coming Together @ VCU would like to invite you to our annual Culture Night! The show will be at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School on April 21, 2018. Please come and join us for our showcase of Filipino culture, as we witness two individuals who both struggle to fit into the societal norms that have been created for them.

[email protected] Presents: Malaya Ako

Domingo Garcia, a renowned plastic surgeon, has it all. A beautiful wife, two wonderful kids, and a successful career. Nothing could possibly get in way of disrupting his perfect world. Or at least that’s what he believed, until a new person comes into his life and makes him question who he is.

Meanwhile, Irena Villanueva, an up and coming young actress, is constantly living in the shadows of her step family. Striving to be just like her older sister, she’ll do whatever it takes to make it to the top. No matter what the stakes may be. Will they both be able to overcome the standards set in place for them, and finally get to feel free? Or will society force them to be something they’re not?

Doors open: 5:00pm
Show starts: 6:00pm


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