Fashion Label Features Its Own Diverse Staff in Campaign

(Photo: Courtesy of ModCloth)

Not only has one clothing company used “real women” in its latest swimwear campaign, it used its own employees.

For the second year running, fashion label ModCloth decided to ditch the professional swimwear models and photograph its own group of inspiring and empowering women. “Our goal is to represent women for who they are — confident, intelligent, and fun,” the brand’s blog reads.

ModCloth’s founder, Susan Gregg Koger, also got involved, posing alongside her employees, shoppers, and founders of other creative companies in the pics. The result? A set of beautiful and bubbly images that represent women of all shapes and sizes. There’s also not a spot of retouching in sight—  a pledge that the company made back in 2014.

The campaign also comes with a short video series called “ModCloth’s Hot Tub Round Table: Speaking The Unspoken.” As you may guess, it involves the group of awe-inspiring female entrepreneurs, in a hot tub chatting about the challenges facing women, dealing with haters and how to measure success. Founder of Studio Mucci, Amina Mucciolo with her striking rainbow sherbet hair shares, “I’m just being myself and I’m just you know doing my thing and it resonates with people.”

With swimwear season just around the corner we praise ModCloths campaign as we can all do with a little reminder that everyone has a “swimwear body”, you just need a swimsuit and a beach.

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