sweater (MUST HAVE) http://bit.ly/2zS6ICO
hat (SO MANY COLORS!) http://bit.ly/2iF5jVX
ribbon ideas http://bit.ly/2zUTrbX
little tabletop decorative trees http://bit.ly/2zVm2ho, http://bit.ly/2AkRUwr, http://bit.ly/2Aki8PO

nest holiday candle (fav holiday candle) http://bit.ly/2zUyGNP
evergreen candle not online, but this one is similar http://bit.ly/2hT0pay
the best firewood/winter candle http://bit.ly/2Al9XCD
le redoute candle (spicy, clove cinnamon) http://bit.ly/2zX0KQw

fresh balsam wallflowers http://bit.ly/2jMDkab
smoked birch candle http://bit.ly/2zWIhTD
winter candle http://bit.ly/2jIbCeu
hearth candle http://bit.ly/2AkVjLJ
magnolia hearth and hand candle http://bit.ly/2zWAxBx

my fav apple cider http://bit.ly/2zWytcT

bow tutorial video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJjw5kMr9X8

THE BEST FLAMELESS CANDLES (with remote) http://bit.ly/2zUBdYe

WHAT I USE ON MY HAIR https://goo.gl/HdTDqL (the only products I use… my favs are the Renew Shampoo, Revitalize Conditioner or Smoothing Deep Conditioner, and Blow out Cream))

Not a sponsored video. Post contains my genuine recommendations and opinions.

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    I always catch my sweater on the cabinets too! 😂

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