Few People Know What This French Woman Does At Night…And It’s Quite Shocking

Finding this place is a bit like seeking out a secret location. Who’s ready for a trip into the past?

Once you get inside, you’re stepping into a time capsule, circa 1908.

That’s when this bar was started, and it accumulated knick knacks ever since.

This includes our heroine, a ninety-something-year-old bartender known as Madame Polo.

A bit of a shut in and a big time hoarder, she took over the bar in 1965, along with her since-deceased husband. She poured drinks until 2 am every night since.

What’s she pouring? It’s better not to ask. After ordering two beers of Vedett, a Belgian beer (or at least what looks like it) that no bar in Paris has stocked for several decades, it’s pretty questionable. It’s kind of like when your grandmother serves you a mystery meat dinner, and yet you smile and make “yummy” noises.

You would think she didn’t have repeat customers, but you’d be wrong. Who frequents this trip down memory lane?

Longtime locals, young Parisian hobos, ex-pats, and war veterans, of course. Plus, who WOULDN’T want a story about coming here?

The location, the kooky old bartender…heck, even Woohoo the cat makes this place something to remember.


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