First Search Engine on the Web – 887 “SEO Did You Know?!” – Episode 2

In episode 2 of the 887 “SEO Did You Know?!” series, Kyle Reddoch, our SEO Ninja, provides us with a little information about the first search engine that appeared on the internet. Also, he discusses a little bit about how search has changed since then.


Hello friends, it’s Kyle, SEO Ninja at 887 Media, and I’m back this week for another 887 “SEO Did You Know?!”, let’s get started!

So how many of you remember what the first search engine was on the web? No it was not Google, I’ll give you a few seconds for a guess. Okay so the first search engine on the web was back in 1990 and it was called, Archie Query Form and it was used to search FTP archives and index them. Fast forward to today, we see search engines have changed a lot haven’t they? We see more than 6.5 billion searches done every single day across the world. What is your favorite search engine to use? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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That has been another 887 “SEO Did You Know?!” for this week.


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