Fly Dry: In-Flight Gadget Stand Also Holds Your Drink (Deal of the Day)

I was once on a crowded airplane seated next to a man who had clearly had too much to drink. (I’m not normally judgmental about such things, but it was 9:00 am.) He ordered a vodka and cranberry and, when it arrived, jammed it precariously next to his laptop on the tray table. I quickly put away my own laptop to keep it safe. But there was still nothing I could do to stop that cocktail from eventually landing in my lap, ruining my suit and dooming me to show up at my meeting smelling like a bar. Yet another reason why airlines don’t allow you to travel with weapons.

Would someone please buy that man an Airhook? This little gadget mounts to the seat in front of you, holds your tablet or smartphone at a nice viewing angle, and provides a secure cup-holder for your drink — all while leaving the tray table closed. If my seatmate had one of these things, he could have stared blearily at his screen and sipped his (clearly unnecessary) drink without ruining my day.

The Airhook ($25) is available for pre-order now and should ship soon. And I got you a 20 percent discount off that already low price: Just use the code when you check out at


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