Forget Growing Up, These 23 Genius Kids Already Know What They Want Out Of Life

1. I hope there’s no full moon around this kid.

2. Don’t give this kid those candies.

3. Frankie is a smarty-pants.

4. That’s how the richest people do it.

5. If you’ve kissed someone, you already rule the world.

6. Oh jeez, what a name.

7. Type all of that in, Santa.

8. Smart kid.

9. I’ve been living the dream for years now!

10. I don’t think that’s going to happen.

11. We know where his mind was here.

12. When you wish upon a star!

13. The dead live!

14. Someone doesn’t like their mother.

15. I think Miley Cyrus wrote this letter.

16. Let’s all worship him.

17. This is a real American.

18. Someone needs to make sure Promise never meets Lex Luthor.

19. Who doesn’t love tacos?

20. That’s a totally realistic schedule.

21. Pretty concise.

22. That’s basically what all rulers do.

23. There’s nothing like a good football rivalry.

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