GARDEN TIPS AND HACKS: TOP 25 Gardening Hacks and Ideas Compilation – Part 1 – Happy New Year 2018

Today we will quickly run through Top 25 clever Garden Tips and Garden Hacks and easy gardening hacks compilation that every gardener or beginner must know. This is Part 1 of the the garden hacks compilation for the year 2018. Please watch the gardening hacks youtube video till the end for the most exciting hacks towards the end of the video. Lets start !

1. Use a Magnifying Glass to closely examine and diagnose your plant pests and insects to identify them and follow the treatment accordingly.
2. Create a no-stick shovel or any garden tool.
3. Lighten the weight of your Pot:
4. Protect Plants During Transport from a Nursery
5. If you detect Iron deficiency in your plant called iron chlorosis and if you see pale colored leaves instead of dark green you can burry some iron nails or old razor blades around the plant.
6. Help Your root bound plants by root pruning or repotting them in larger pots.
7. You can use candy sticks or even larger pebbles or even broken pot pieces as markers for your plants and seedlings.
8. Erase Permanent marker markings using rubbing alcohol and reuse the same markers.
9. You can make your own Plastic bottle slow water feeding. Easiest one is make small holes in the cork and invert the bottom and insert in soil.
10. You can roughly Know the PH of your soil using baking soda and vinegar. Take two soil samples from different areas of your garden. Add vinegar to one sample and stir, if it bubbles – then its alkaline soil. Now to the other sample, add baking soda and water and stir – if it bubbles then the soil is acidic.
11. Do not throw away egg shells – crumple or powder them and sprinkle around your plants to provide them a source of calcium. Also repels certain insects like slugs and snails.
12. Grow sweeter tomatoes using baking soda: Sprinkle baking soda around your plant soil which counteracts the acidity and yields sweeter tomatoes.
13. You can plants seeds and get seedlings in an egg shell or even citrus rind or similar stuff or shells. You can also used paper coffee cups. You can plant the whole eggshell-seedling complex into the soil.
14. Best use of Tissue paper card board roll to make seedling cups which are bio degradable and can be directly planted into soil without disturbing roots.
15. You can build a garden trellis using pvc pipes or even wooden sticks or bamboo sticks.
16. If you have water shortage, collect rain water for your plants. For this you can either collect rain water flowing out from your teres into drain pipes or you can install or build a dedicated rain water collecting system.
17. Use plastic bins or containers as mini green houses or poly houses for faster seed germinations.
18. Sprinkle Epsom salt or baking soda directly on slugs and snails to kill them. Rearing chicken which love to feed on these insects is another good idea if you are interested.
19. In winter to protect from frost cover the plants at night with an empty pot or even a polythene shopping bag.
20. Do not throw away pencil shaving from your kids – use them for Mulching which also prevents weed growth and repels insects.
21. Garden vegetables that become over-ripe in your kitchen gardening are an easy target for some pests. Remove them as soon as possible to avoid detection.
22. Insects can’t stand plants such as garlic, onions, chives and chrysanthemums. Grow these plants around the garden to help repel insects.
23. Add used tea waste or coffee grounds into your compost bin for faster composting because earth worms digest them very fast.
24. You can also use tea waste or coffee grounds on flowering plants as an organic fertilizer to boost blooms.
25. Use neem cake bio mix in soil to get rid of many plant diseases and also nourish your plants.
26. Seal the Injured end of your plant stem or the top end of you plant cutting during the process of cloning by pouring one or two drops of wax from a burning candle.
Happy New Year and Happy Gardening!

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    Egg shells do work to repel slugs and snails, but ONLY IF they are ground up to the coarseness of corn meal. I do it in a blender or food processor, but use an old blade because the shells will dull it; use a new blade for kitchen uses. Larger pieces of shell are no impediment because the pests just crawl around them.
    For larger pests, powdered egg dusted on leaves, stems, and soil will repel rabbits and deer because eggs are toxic to them; they will not eat it.

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