Get a Great Deal on Some Old-School Tech for Flu Season (Deal of the Day)

It’s flu season, and some recent research seems to indicate that breathing dry winter air is one good way to get sick. (Strangely enough, flu germs seem to thrive when the air is dry.) That’s why, despite all our new-fangled medical technology, some old-school tech is sometimes the best solution to the problem.

Humidifiers are nothing new, but they’ve managed to get smarter. The Vicks VEV320 Filtered Cool Moisture Humidifier delivers moist air right to your room as you sleep, like any old-school humidifier. But it also filters impurities out of the water before turning the humidity loose on your lungs. And it regulates the humidity level of the room — rather than simply spewing steam — so the room won’t get soggy. All you have to do is fill the water tank. Add a Vicks Scent Pad, and it’ll infuse the air with a soothing scent to make you feel all sleepy or breathe a little easier.

To help you breathe even easier, I got you a deal on this nice bit of flu-season hardware: The VEV320 normally costs $45, but I got 30 percent off for the first 100 people who enter the code at Hope you feel better.


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