Get Extra Storage Room for Your Phone or Tablet — and Get 25 Percent Off (Deal of the Day)

How much time do you spend managing the storage on your phone or tablet, deleting photos, music, and apps to make more room? Enough to make you think about springing for more storage capacity on your next device?

Why not just add more memory to what you have? Well, a lot of phones and tablets don’t let you to do that: They don’t have slots for memory cards. If your device is one of them, check out Leef memory cards: They plug into whatever port your gadget has, adding the extra storage you need. Since they can plug and unplug into other devices as well, they’re also a great way to transfer files from one device to another. They’re an inexpensive way to get more life out of your mobile gadgets.

And, thanks to the Deal Seeker, they just got even less inexpensive: Use the code when you buy from the Leef site between now and next Friday (March 4), and you’ll save 25 percent off on any purchase.


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