Get Less Clutter And More Cute With These DIY Organizing Tips

1.) Bungee Cords: Good in the Home, Too

2.) DIY Pen and Marker Holder

3.) Scarf Hanger

4.) Magnetic dishes

5.) Sheets IN the pillowcase

6.) Mason Jar Crafting

7.) Makeup Brush Organizer

8.) Maximizing Shelves

9.) Notebook Storage

10.) Hidden Toothbrushes

11.) Recycled Organization

12.) Accessory Rack

14.) Artistic Earrings

15.) Spray Bottle Storage

16.) Peg Boards: Your New best Friend

17.) More jar ideas!

18.) An Upcycled Mail Organizer

19.) Keep Your Cords Untangled

20.) More Mason Jars!


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