Get Ready: Sweet Cheetos, a.k.a., Sweetos, Are Back Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

It’s not easy being cheesy. So Cheetos is giving a go at adding another flavor profile to their snack lineup: Sweetos.

Before you start gagging, just know that the puffs don’t have any orange cheese powder on them. The snacks are cinnamon and sugar flavored, like churros.

The product was a limited-time offering last year, and is hitting store shelves again this week, Yahoo Food has exclusively learned. As of now, it’s set for another limited-time offering through Easter, but Frito Lay might make the product part of Cheetos permanent line up, said Ryan Matiyow, a senior director of marketing for Frito Lay. It’s the only time in the snack’s 67-year history they have developed a sweet product, he said.

The odds sound good, because Sweetos ($3.49 a bag) got more positive feedback than all other Frito Lay products launched in the first half of 2015 combined, according to the company.

Yahoo Food got our hands on a bag ahead of time. While skeptical at first, we were won over by the lightness of the puff and the buttery undertones to the cinnamon snack which was not overly sweet.

To hype the new launch, the company has launched a digital campaign mocking traditional “cheesy” Valentine’s jewelry advertisements. A man presents a woman with a bracelet made of 24 karat gold-coated Cheetos and Fritos, the “Chestora bracelet.” Fans who comment on the video and explain why they should get it will win the very large statement piece. Frito Lay is valuing the bracelet at more than $8,000, because that’s how much went into designing and developing the piece created by jeweler William Sheahan.

Trust us, you won’t see another bracelet like it.


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