Get The Most Out Of Your Coffee Grounds – Here Are 20 Ways To Reuse Them

1.) Supercharge your garden with a coffee ground fertilizer mist.

2.) Change the color of your hydrangeas.

3.) Keep cats out of your garden.

4.) Make a flea bath for dogs.

5.) Dye fabrics the natural way.

6.) Use coffee grounds to scour pots and pans.

7.) Make these coffee ground garbage disposal cleansers to eliminate odor.

8.) Dark shades of wood with dings and scratches can be fixed up with coffee grounds.

9.) Make new, unfinished wood look rustic by rubbing it with wet coffee grounds and steel wool.

10.) Place a satchel of coffee grounds in smelly shoes to absorb odor.

11.) After chopping garlic or onions, wash your hands with coffee grounds to get rid of the smell.

12.) Make non-toxic play-doh using coffee grounds.

13.) Make a coffee rubbed pork roast for dinner.

14.) Get a kick of energy from these coffee ground energy bites.

15.) Whip up a homemade coffee candle.

16.) Wash your hair with coffee grounds to eliminate build-up and oil.

17.) Exfoliate your skin with a mocha mask.

18.) Get rid of flaky, dead skin with a coffee salt scrub.

19.) Make a bold smelling soap with coffee grounds.

20.) Get rid of dark circles under your eyes.

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