Gigi Hadid Is Basically the Matthew McConaughey of BMW

It’s hard to keep track of Gigi Hadid’s career — she’s everywhere! When she’s not posing for with her handsome boyfriend, Zayn Malik, she’s modeling for Balmain and Victoria’s Secret.

However, Hadid’s latest venture takes her off the catwalk and sees her starring in BMW’s interactive ad campaign for their new M2 Coupé, wearing a little red dress, Stuart Weitzman heels, and a slick ponytail.

BMW invites viewers to keep track of the 20-year-old as she moves between five cars all moving in a choreographed whirl. When all of the vehicles come to a halt, viewers are asked to identify the car Hadid’s in. If the player picks the right car, they are taken to the showroom of the BMW sales company in their country.

Move over Jon Hamm and Matthew McConaughey, there’s a new car spokesperson in town.

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